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What are sports entities doing in the web3?


The Metaverse is a term used to describe a fully immersive virtual universe that is created by combining virtual and augmented reality technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies. In recent years, many sports entities have begun to explore the potential of the Metaverse as a way to engage their fans in a virtual sports experience. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable sports entities that have entered the Metaverse and the initiatives they have undertaken.

NBA Top Shot

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was one of the first sports entities to enter the Metaverse with its NBA Top Shot platform. NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based digital collectibles platform that allows fans to collect highlights from NBA games in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each moment has a limited number of tokens and are sold as collectibles.

Además, la NBA ha colaborado con la plataforma de realidad virtual Oculus de Facebook para proporcionar transmisiones en vivo de partidos de la NBA en realidad virtual. También ha lanzado su propia aplicación de realidad virtual, NBA VR, que permite a los usuarios ver juegos en vivo, repeticiones y otros contenidos de la NBA en un entorno virtual.


The National Football League (NFL) recently announced plans to launch a virtual reality (VR) experience that will allow fans to experience NFL games in the Metaverse. The NFL has also explored blockchain technology and launched a pilot programme of digital collectibles for fans.

Formula 1

Formula 1 has recently entered the Metaverse with the launch of its F1 Delta Time game. F1 Delta Time is a blockchain-based game that allows fans to collect cars and digital race tracks. Fans can also participate in online races and compete for cryptocurrency prizes.

Formula 1 has been experimenting with the metaverse in recent years to increase its reach and engagement with its audience. The organisation has launched several events online and on gaming platforms, such as Codemasters’ popular racing game “F1 2021”, which has incorporated online and live features.

In November 2021, Formula 1 hosted its first virtual racing event in the metaverse, called “F1 Delta Time”, which took place on the Axie Infinity gaming platform. The event was attended by gamers from all over the world and was streamed live for its online audience.

In addition, Formula 1 has created an online presence through its website and social media, and has used platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to live stream its events and competitions online.

Overall, Formula 1 appears to be having a positive uptake in the metaverse, and the organisation continues to experiment with new ways to increase its online presence and connect with its online audience. More online events and experiences related to Formula 1 and the metaverse are expected in the future.


Spain’s Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LaLiga) has recently launched its own space on the Decentraland platform. Fans can purchase the LaLiga Season Pass to gain access to exclusive experiences, such as meeting the players and receiving LaLiga merchandise. Also to enjoy the LaLigaLand VIP Lounge, exclusive NFTs and web3 masterclasses.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced plans to create its own Metaverse platform that will allow fans to experience UFC events in virtual reality. The platform will also allow fans to purchase UFC digital merchandise and collectibles.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid, one of the world’s biggest football teams, has launched its own blockchain-based digital collectibles platform called Real Madrid Fan Token. Fans can buy Real Madrid tokens that give them access to exclusive experiences, such as meeting players and voting in polls about the team.

AC Milan

El AC Milan, otro de los equipos de fútbol más grandes del mundo, también ha lanzado su propia plataforma de coleccionables digitales basada en blockchain, llamada ACM Fan Token. Al igual que con la plataforma de Real Madrid, los fanáticos pueden comprar tokens de ACM que les dan acceso a experiencias exclusivas, como conocer a los jugadores y votar en encuestas sobre el equipo.


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